Meet The Chef

Chef Ryan Chase (RC) is an international Traveling Chef from Philadelphia. RC is the founder of RC Catering, a Full Service Luxury Boutique Catering Company who prides themselves on captivating all of the senses through aligning with clients to bring their events visions to life. Central High School and Temple Graduate, Chef RC is also the Co-Founder of the Culinary Arts & Science Institute, a culinary teaching and training institution that inspires personal and professional growth for all ages. Ryan Chase started, RC Disaster Relief, a Culinary Disaster Response Team aiding disaster relief efforts whose mission is to hire individuals who has overcome adversity; to date RC Emergency Relief has feed over 14 thousand people displaced by natural disasters.

Chef Ryan Chase has lived and cook all around the world: The States, Italy, France, South America, and Asia. He has had the pleasure of serving the Barrack & Michelle Obama, Sean & Beyonce Carter, Russell & Joseph Simmons to name a few. Chef has worked on an array of Grand events like: Grand Prix Races, Kentucky Derby, Made in America, Coachella, Sobe Food & Wine.

RC believes when people think of the Arts, Culinary Art is rarely the first thing to come to mind, and he is here to change that. “Culinary Arts is the only art that appeals to all of the senses” His primary objective is to source the best Talent, Recipes and Luxury Products from around the world to create experiences parallel to none.